Hob cutters, milling cutters, drills and indexable inserts are just some of the tools that are used today in coated versions. All cutting tools can be recoated after regrinding.

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Reduce wear

Cutting edge and flank wear are reduced by the high hardness of the coatings, as is chipping on the cutting edges.

Improve chip breaking

The hard and smooth PVD coating ensures perfect chip breaking.

Improve chip removal

The chip chamber, which is protected by a hard and smooth coating, allows chips to flow off more easily.

Machining applications

Reduce temperature load

Due to the improved chip flow, the temperature load on the tool is reduced.

Increase machining data

The wear protection and low coefficient of friction of coated cutting tools allow the possibilities of modern machines to be exploited in terms of feed rate and cutting data.

Reduce lubricant

Thanks to the low coefficient of friction of the GPA-PVD coating, the use of lubricants can be reduced in many cases, right down to dry machining.

Reduce unit costs

The longer tool life in conjunction with higher cutting data leads to a higher output quantity per tool and machine, which reduces unit costs.

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