Arc evaporator

GPA started out as a plant manufacturer at the beginning of the 1990s. Our expertise in PVD coatings therefore stems from machine technology. The reliable arc evaporator technology developed by company founder Jürgen Lohmann has been used successfully worldwide ever since.

Introbild Arc-Verdampfer

PVD arc evaporator unit (cathodic arc source)

  • Robust all-rounders in industrial production
  • Flexible application options in research & development
  • Retrofit of older vacuum and coating systems
  • Supplementing existing systems with additional technology


  • Design and production Made in Germany
  • Improved economic efficiency due to cathode utilization > 70 % with higher evaporation rate
  • Quick cathode change thanks to quick-change system with clamping ring
  • High production reliability thanks to indirect water cooling
  • Cathode contact surface made of high-strength, thermally conductive copper alloy
  • For all known cathode materials (e.g. titanium, chromium, zirconium and alloys such as titanium aluminum, chromium aluminum)
Anlagen Arc-Verdampfer

Specifications Arc evaporator

Vaporiser type
Arc Spot-vaporiser
Arc type
cathodic random arc
Industrial production; F&E
Field of application
Mounting the base module in the flange
Horizontal clamp for fast removal
Cathode mounting
Quick-change system with clamping ring
Active cathode diameter
Ø 80 mm
Active cathode area
̴ 50 cm2
Cathode materials
all known cathode materials
Cathode utilisation
> 70 % (Reduction in consumption costs)
Degree of ionisation
up to 90%
Pressure area
< 7 x 10-2 mbar
Vaporiser flow
max. 100 A
Completely 1.4301 or 1.4571 Cathode contact surface made of high-strength copper alloy
Indirect water cooling Cathode surface
Cooling water connection
Quick-release couplings sealing on both sides
Cooling water requirement
10 L / min., 5 bar absolut, 15 – 20 °C
Trigger unit
Sealed bellows
Trigger ignition
Arc focussing
Magnetic field
Weld-in flange Ø 165 mm (evaporator) plus weld-in flange KF40 (trigger)
Construction options
– Weld-in flange Ø 165 plus weld-in flange KF40 (also in existing recipients) - Complete on flange CF or ISO-K from Ø 250 mm - Complete on MA evaporator flange - Complete on customised flange from Ø 250 mm

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