Here are some good arguments
Why you should choose GPA Coatings

Our customers not only come from a wide variety of industries, they also come from different areas of the company: From toolmaking and production management anyway, but also from management, controlling or purchasing. And even environmental officers are interested in our environmentally friendly type of PVD coating.


Coating for professionals

How do you benefit from our PVD coatings as a tool shop manager? Quite simply, your work becomes more effective, the costs for external service providers are reduced and you have less stress overall justifying the costs of your department.

You are the expert, we are the experts.

We don’t need to tell you much about the layers themselves: You know what’s available and you probably know exactly what you need. However, you are also welcome to make use of our expertise, as we are always on hand to advise professionals.

One thing is clear: PVD coatings help you

  • save time and
  • minimize downtimes,
  • make your work easier,
  • extend the service life of the tools
  • and reduce your external costs.

Workmanship and cost factor

Within the company, toolmaking sometimes has a bit of an image problem. Even though the company management admits to having it in-house, its costs are criticized: toolmaking causes financial expenditure without actually achieving anything. We all know that’s not true.

Demography and toolmaking

And then there is the smoldering staff shortage. Until now, you had a stable, experienced team with which you could keep the tools in operation in good working order. However, many older employees will soon be retiring. At the same time, fewer and fewer young people want to learn or pursue the profession of toolmaker. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled workers and this has an impact on work processes.

You need to look at how you can manage with fewer employees in the future and still supply production with the tools it needs.

High external costs? Coating helps!

For example, by outsourcing tools to an external toolmaker. Which in turn generates high costs month after month. We help you to reduce these external expenses!

  • By coating your tools so that they last longer.
  • By optimizing the tools that you have serviced externally with the appropriate PVD coatings, we reduce external orders and costs in the long term.

Coated tools with a shiny side effect

When it comes to coating, all that glitters is not gold. But as soon as the tool is coated and has a beautiful golden or silver shimmer, it immediately looks much more valuable. And suddenly the employees in production are handling it much more carefully. What a smart side effect.

GPA credo: Say what is before customers ask what is

“Where are my tools?” You will never have to ask us that, because we are in close contact with our customers and always keep them up to date. We would rather call you once too often than once too little and process our orders so quickly that you will be surprised that your coated tool is already back at your premises.

Production manager

Are you already coating?

Why should you coat your tools? Because the right PVD coating ensures more stable production with consistent process parameters and therefore higher productivity.

Optimize set-up times thanks to PVD coating

PVD coating is now an indispensable technology for optimizing the performance of tools and ensuring efficient production processes. Coated tools lead to longer tool life, greater productivity and therefore lower set-up times and costs. And in many branches of industry, such as the automotive industry, medical technology and the food industry.

The right coating also often extends the service life of a tool by indicating when it is used up and worn out. This allows you to send the tool for recoating before wear causes damage to the tool.

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Need for Speed? We are fast when it comes to coating!

How many spare tools do you have in stock just in case? Have you ever thought about it: as soon as your tools last longer, you can reduce the number of replacement tools you need.

And you don’t need extra replacement tools for the coating itself either, because we coat and return your tools within 2 to 3 days.

PVD coating: not just safety first

SQDC – in lean management, the key performance indicators in production are: Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost. These are certainly also the parameters according to which you act as a production manager.

We can tailor our coating solutions to your individual processes and requirements to get the most out of your tools. This optimizes your entire production: coated tools produce higher quality components, reduce cold welding and wear, minimize unplanned downtimes and the resulting costs and ensure that you can meet your delivery times.

Coating solutions for your processes

What is your production about? Punching, forming or machining? Plastic technology, profile rollers or blades? These are precisely the areas of application in which our coatings ensure smooth processes, as well as

  • minimize downtimes,
  • reduce costs,
  • make work easier & more pleasant,
  • extend the service life of the tools
  • and produce fewer rejects thanks to more stable production processes.

What else we promise you: Clear words and trustworthy communication. We must know exactly what you need and you must be able to contact us at any time with your wishes and ideas. We know from experience: That’s half the battle for a successful collaboration.

Managing Director

Always these tool costs

You look at your profit and loss account and see: Again x percent tool costs. Couldn’t there be fewer of them? Yes, you can certainly reduce your tool costs. If you have your components PVD coated.

Coated tools help save money

Savings potential 1: A PVD coating increases the service life of your tools by up to 200 percent. This not only reduces the costs for new purchases, but also for downtime and maintenance.

Savings potential 2: You need fewer employees in toolmaking. This is doubly beneficial in times when there is a glaring shortage of skilled workers.

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GPA Coating: Profit, Cash, Economy

Economic efficiency is all well and good. But when you see how much capital is tied up in tools standing around waiting to be used, you can’t imagine investing in their coating? We do.

An example: To safeguard your production, you have four tools, three of which are on the shelf. If you have your tools coated,

  • increase their wear resistance and service life,
  • They increase their resilience and
  • reduce maintenance and downtimes.

This means that you can manage with one replacement tool less and can reduce the capital tied up in tool stocks – but your productivity remains guaranteed at all times!

Lean management in coating: Our USP = your advantage

We practice lean management. Increasing efficiency is therefore part of our DNA. We avoid waste along the entire value chain, regardless of the area of the company. Customer orientation, continuous improvement, teamwork and standardized processes are our working principles. Our perspective is defined and fixed: It is always the customer perspective.

Because we understand your wishes, they are also very important to us: we know that every day that your tools are out of the coating process causes unnecessary costs. You can therefore rely on us to return your first-class PVD-coated components directly to you within a few days.

For us, speedy delivery is more important than our plant capacity utilization. Thanks to our own facilities, we deliberately have excess capacity so that we can keep our delivery capability and the short lead times that we promise you.

Environmental Officer

PVD. Protection. Shift.

As an environmental officer, you consider the CO2 emissions of the entire supply chain. The good news from our side: PVD coatings are environmentally friendly coatings. We coat without chemicals, purely physically.

GPA Coating: Knowing what’s inside

PVD coating and renewable energies. The perfect combination. We only need electrical energy for our coating process – and we obtain this from renewable sources. We work without chemicals and produce no chemical waste. We coat extremely energy-efficiently because our technology uses plasma to liquefy or supply energy atom by atom.

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Coatings improve your CO2 balance

For our customers, this means that the application of a two-thousandths of a millimeter thin layer often saves the production of a completely new tool and thus a huge CO2 footprint. After all, the production of tool steel is extremely energy-intensive and usually very harmful to the environment. In addition, its processing produces grinding sludge, which is costly to dispose of.

Coated tools have the following effects

  • Less energy consumption: Our coatings reduce friction, which means less energy is lost in the production process.
  • Less disposal work: fewer worn tools need to be recycled.
  • Less cleaning required: Less oil and lubricant used also means less contamination.
  • major energy savings: Because the effort required for toolmaking can be halved and faster production speeds are the result.
  • fewer rejects in production.

GPA and sustainability: a perfect match

Sustainability criteria and our corporate values fit together perfectly. We can therefore provide our customers with the best possible support in their CSR and ESG endeavors. Talk to us, we communicate very openly and are happy to answer your questions.


PVD coating pays off

As a controller, you not only want to have company costs under control, you also want to reduce them where possible. We understand this, and we are happy to support you: By PVD coating your company’s production tools and thus extending their service life.

GPA Coating as a cost brake

We work according to the principles of lean management. Our lean processes also mean that we communicate very effectively with our customers and deliver very quickly: Tools that are only with us for a few days mean no long capital commitment and no significant extension of the supply chain for our customers.

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The figures speak for themselves

You probably don’t even need to look at the P&L, you know exactly how much your company spends on tools and toolmaking every year. You may also be asked again and again whether these costs are necessary. Although everyone knows that the tools are the heart of your production.

The good news is: Yes, the costs and investments for toolmaking can be reduced! By PVD coating your tools

  • they last longer and need to be replenished less often.
  • they last longer and reduce the number of unplanned downtimes in production.
  • the capital tied up in inventories can be reduced.

PVD coatings optimize the performance of the tools in your company: Here are all the advantages at a glance.

Good arguments for coating

What if you find that tooling costs are surprisingly high in a particular area?

  • Perhaps the tool is at the limit of its capabilities and we can push the boundaries of what is possible with a suitable coating.
  • Perhaps the service life of the tool is very short, in which case a coating can also be effective.

In any case, we can support you in bringing conspicuously high costs back into the usual framework.

Are you afraid that you will run out of arguments when you talk to the technicians in your company about possible savings? Just ask us! Get information from us in good time and strengthen your argumentation: we have valuable experience and will inform you about the state of the art as well as the possibilities of a pilot application. Let us advise you!


Buying PVD coatings

You are a purchaser, which means that your contribution to the operating result is to reduce purchasing costs every year. We can help you with this. Because as soon as you coat the tools and components in your company, you will need to purchase new components less frequently and invest less (often) in toolmaking overall.

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Dual sourcing for PVD coating

Do you already have your tools coated? We are happy to act as a second supplier. The advantages of a two-supplier strategy are obvious: more security and less dependency. And supply bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

In our industry, it is common for coatings to be sold under their own brand names. Don’t worry. They may have a different name, but they have the same properties and fulfill the same requirements.

GPA Coating: Is it all a question of price?

Of course, buyers like us above all because we can offer good prices thanks to our flat structures and lean processes. However, we just as often receive positive feedback on the quality of our coatings and, above all, on our speed. After all, we guarantee a processing time of 2 to 3 days for the coating in the vast majority of cases.

As a buyer, you naturally act and make decisions with price awareness. You will certainly have already discovered our online calculator. Attention: It only shows our standard prices! Let’s talk about your individual requirements, especially for larger order volumes. We are happy to take the time for a detailed discussion.

Individual coating services: Let us advise you!

Do you already know what you need? Or do you need more information? We have been developing PVD coatings for our customers for over 30 years and are sure to have the right coating solution for your individual application. We also guarantee a fast delivery time! Put your trust in our experience!