PVD coatings
AlCro-Protect® (AlCrN)

Extreme conditions require extreme resistance: where the coating process gets hot, the mixture of aluminum and chrome is the right choice. AlCro-Protect® defies any heat of battle.

Introbild AlCro-Protect®
“We thought we had exhausted the topic of temperature resistance with the PVD-AlTiN. We were surprised – positively surprised – when we were able to achieve even higher cutting speeds with AlCro-Protect!”
Production Manager (Gears)
Drive technology

AlCrN: rightly in great demand

The Heat is on. The basic theoretical idea behind the development of this coating was that a combination of aluminum and chrome can absorb very high temperatures. The practical result: our AlCro-Protect® can withstand temperatures of up to 1,200 °C.

Where high cutting speeds have to be achieved with drills and milling cutters during machining – for example in gear production – high levels of friction and heat are generated. This is where the advantages of AlCro-Protect® really come into their own. Thanks to the AlCro-Protect® coating, module milling cutters are also less prone to cold welding and abrasive wear is reduced.

AlCro-Protect® Hitzebständigkeit
AlCro-Protect® Werkzeugstandzeit

The high hardness and slight ductility not only prove themselves in machining operations, but also enable better tool life and a very fine surface quality in punching, bending, cutting and forming. This also pleases end customers such as Mercedes Benz – although in most cases we don’t even know them because we rarely know what is actually produced with the tools we coat. Isn’t that almost a bit of a shame?

The AlCro-Protect® can be selectively decoated quickly and easily.

Specifications AlCro-Protect® (AlCrN)

3.100 – 3.200 HV
Coating thickness
2 – 5 µm depending on use and wear type
Coating temperature
300 – 500 °C
Coefficient of friction against steel
Thermal oxidation resistance
1.100 °C
of all steel qualities and carbide
Areas of application
Hobbing, turning, milling, forming, deep drawing, punching, indexable inserts

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