PVD system 10-950

The PVD system 10-950 is a large system designed for special tools, e.g. broaching tools. A chamber height of 1.50 m and a volume of 950 liters characterize the largest system in our series to date.

Introbild PVD-Anlage 10-950

PVD system 10-950

Like all GPA-PVD systems, it is built according to a concept that guarantees robustness and a long service life.

  • Double-walled octagonal coating chambers made of stainless steel, fully cooled, for maximum dimensional stability and appearance even after years of use
  • The entire system is mounted on a compact stainless steel frame to save space
  • Plug-in system (central transfer point for all connections such as electricity, compressed air, cooling unit, gases) enables commissioning within one day
  • Unloading and loading of complete batches using a loading dolly
  • Check Control: automatic display of maintenance intervals
  • Including proven formulations for all coating systems
  • Own developments can be saved quickly and easily
  • Remote maintenance module optionally via Internet or ISDN
  • Operating personnel can be trained on identical systems before commissioning
Anlagen PVD-Anlage 10-950

Specifications PVD system 10-950

Coating chamber
Dimensions Ø 900 x 1.500 mm Material austenitic steel double-walled; fully cooled or bakeable
Rotary drive
Infinitely variable speed control Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation Batch weight up to 500 kg
10 arc-spot evaporators in 2 rows of 5 active cathodes 50 cm2 each; Alternatively 12 arc-spot evaporators in 3 rows of 4 active cathodes 50 cm2 each
Vaporiser power supplies
10 pieces (alt. 15 pieces) max. 100 A
High-voltage supply
0 - 1.000 V unipolar pulsed 0 - 50 ADC 0 - 120 APulse fast arc switch-off
Substrate heating
4 heaters 15 kW each
Substrate temperature measurement
Pyrometer 150 – 550 °C
Process gas control
4 mass flow controllers (Ar, H2, N2, carbon carrier gas)
Backing pumping unit
Rotary vane/rotary pump combination Suction capacity S 730 m3 / h
High vacuum pump
Cryopump suction capacity H2O 18.000 ; Ar 3.700 ; N2 5.000; H2 5.500 L/sec.
High vacuum valve
Stepper motor-controlled control valve DN 400
Vacuum measurement
Pirani gas type independent measuring device
Process control
Fully automatic, industry PC parameters, ramps etc. freely programmable
Accessories (optional)
Cold/hot water supply Process gas supply Triple planetary rotating substrate holder

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