Delivery time
GPA coating services: Delivered in a few days

Our focus: short delivery times! Because we know that speed is a key factor in your commercial success. We work quickly and deliver fast. We do this so well because we organize ourselves particularly efficiently according to the principles of lean management.

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Lean coating = fast coating

Our speed is your advantage. Our reliability ensures the stability of your production processes. And we understand both together as quality by GPA.

We come from the lean world, where solving problems on a small scale prevents major problems from arising in the first place. We work in a preventive, predictive and standardized manner. Where, if not in production, is this sensible and promising?

If you work according to lean guidelines, as we do, this inevitably leads to faster work: Because when unnecessary processes are eliminated, waiting times are reduced and speed is automatic. You are the beneficiary!

Delivery times for coatings

Quality: Short delivery times and minimal costs

When will we take care of your tools? Today or tomorrow! Rarely even the day after tomorrow. And you will receive your components back the day after tomorrow at the latest. We usually return your coated tools after 2 to 3 days.

If we needed three weeks, our customers would have to keep more replacement tools on hand – you know what kind of cost factor and capital commitment we are talking about.

We know that you need your components back quickly after coating. Our customers should never have to ask themselves the question “Where is my tool? It is our job to inform you where your tool is and to ensure that it is returned to you as quickly as possible.

Coating on the conveyor belt

All tools and components that arrive at our incoming goods department are processed quickly. The goods are picked up immediately and integrated into our work process. We deliberately keep excess capacity available for this! Our systems are always ready for operation. If one does break down, it is back in operation in no time at all – we are plant manufacturers for a reason!

GPA Coatings: We understand our customers

If you want to understand your customers, you first have to understand yourself. Our self-image is therefore clearly defined: We are a service provider! We work reliably and quickly with our customers to ensure that their tools function better, their systems run more stably and their production is secured at all times.

You entrust us with the most important part of your production: your tools and tool components. We handle this responsibility conscientiously and confidentially. See for yourself!

“In a traditional coating company, it means: very good, we have goods, we have something to do, we get our systems full. When I walk through our company, I’m happy when the shelves are empty. Then your tools are not lying around with us, but are being coated or are already on their way back to you. We don’t collect orders so that we can better utilize our systems.”
— Richard Kallee, Managing Director, sees things a little differently

Individual coating services: Let us advise you!

Do you already know what you need? Or do you need more information? We have been developing PVD coatings for our customers for over 30 years and are sure to have the right coating solution for your individual application. We also guarantee a fast delivery time! Put your trust in our experience!