PVD coatings
Titanium carbonitride (TiCN)

An ingenious combination, a powerful combination: the interplay of titanium nitride and carbon in a multilayer coating impresses with extreme hardness and minimized friction.

“The TiCN gives us extremely high stability at the cutting edge – and that’s what needs to be protected the longest. The perfect coating for us!”
Head of Toolmaking and Design
Punching and forming technology

Layer by layer by layer … to success

TiN + C = TiCN. Titanium nitride and carbon alternately layered on top of each other. The multilayer titanium carbonitride coating has the structure of a lasagna. The carbon makes the layer even harder and smoother – which further reduces the coefficient of friction and improves the sliding properties. The tendency to cold welding is also significantly reduced.

Titancarbonitrid Beschichtung
Titancarbonitrid Stahlbearbeitung

The coating is regarded as a further development of TiN and is very popular for punching in steel processing, as it leads to a further improvement in tool life. The multilayer structure minimizes the residual stresses in the layer and, in combination with an additional sliding coating (TopCoat), the stripping forces can also be reduced when punching stainless steel.

TiCN can be selectively decoated quickly and easily.

Specifications Titanium carbonitride (TiCN)

bluish silver
3.000 HV
Coating thickness
2 – 5 µm depending on use and wear type
Coating temperature
200 – 500 °C
Coefficient of friction against steel
Thermal oxidation resistance
400 – 500 °C
of all steel qualities and carbide
Areas of application
Punching, forming, bending, embossing

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