Profile rollers

When profiling different materials, large forces often occur that quickly lead to failure in uncoated rollers. A GPA coating – possibly in conjunction with prior surface polishing – improves the service life of the rollers and the quality of the parts produced.

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Reduce wear and improve service life

The high hardness of the GPA coatings effectively protects the rollers against wear. The tool life is extended.

Reduce cold welding

The low coefficient of friction of the GPA coatings, combined with the selection of the appropriate coating variant, reduces the tendency to cold welding on the rollers, e.g. with galvanized material.

Prevent scoring

The hard coating protects the roller surface and prevents the formation of grooves in the tool, e.g. when machining stainless steel.

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Profile rollers

Improve flow behavior

Thanks to the low coefficient of friction of the coating, the material flows better over the shaping contours and can be formed with less force.

Improve quality

Fewer cold welds and grooves in the tool lead to an optimization of the removed parts.

Reduce lubricant

Thanks to the low coefficient of friction of the GPA-PVD coating, the use of lubricants can be reduced in many cases without affecting the quality of the finished part or tool wear.

Reduce unit costs

The longer tool life in conjunction with higher stroke rates leads to an increased output quantity per tool, which reduces unit costs.

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