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Sustainability is our corporate purpose. Our wear protection coatings help to conserve scarce resources while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions – that is applied environmental protection.

Introbild Nachhaltigkeit

PVD coating & sustainability: high-tech in harmony with the environment

Tools wear out and lose their precision, they no longer work accurately, become slower, require more frequent maintenance and then cause more downtime. Replacing them again and again would consume far too many resources.

It is more sustainable and much more environmentally friendly to produce a tool once and re-coat it regularly: without electroplating, without chemicals, using environmentally friendly physical processes – with GPA coating technology.

Nachhaltigkeit - High Tech im Einklang mit der Umwelt

“I don’t understand why we should still be trying to teach other countries and cultures how they should live. Diversity and inclusion are not discussed at the GPA, they are implemented.”
— Richard Kallee, Managing Director and cosmopolitan

Nachhaltigkeit Ressourcenmanagement

Resource management: We set a good example

Not only do we support our customers in managing their sustainability aspects, we also work very successfully on our own carbon footprint:

  • We only use green electricity.
  • We heat our production area with process waste heat.
  • We are switching to e-mobility step by step.
  • We have reduced our paper consumption by more than 80 % through digitization.
  • We avoid waste by actively supporting the use of reusable transport packaging.
  • We consistently avoid environmentally harmful materials.

GPA Coatings: ESG and diversity

The ESG guidelines are criteria for the consideration of environmental, sustainability and social issues (environmental, social, governance) within companies. They are all compatible with the GPA values of experience, sustainability, effectiveness, reliability and integrity.

Diversity and anti-discrimination are also part of our corporate culture, not least thanks to our Managing Director, who has lived and worked on almost every continent in the world. We incorporate international experience into every step and work process – whether dealing with customers or employees.

We are not only concerned with a sustainable environment, but also with building a sustainable workforce and sustainable corporate governance.

Nachhaltigkeit Diversity

Individual coating services: Let us advise you!

Do you already know what you need? Or do you need more information? We have been developing PVD coatings for our customers for over 30 years and are sure to have the right coating solution for your individual application. We also guarantee a fast delivery time! Put your trust in our experience!