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Quality assurance

Surface optimization and PVD coating is our specialty and we are the ideal partner for customer-specific developments. Our projects start with the hardening process and continue through the surface requirements to the optimum – i.e. usually individual – coating.

Introbild Qualitätssicherung

Process optimization

We see the GPA as a dynamic system that we are constantly developing with the help of a continuous improvement process (CIP). In addition to the well-being of our employees, quality and environmental protection are our top priorities.

In accordance with ISO 9001, we have documented all processes in writing and formulated operating instructions and procedures for all business areas. The training and further education of our employees is very important to us, which is why we hold regular internal and external training courses.

Quality assurance - process optimization

Quality assurance during production

An important component is our quality assurance during production: at least one real sample specially produced for us is coated in every production batch and evaluated before the tools are delivered.

The adhesive strength, layer thickness and structure are examined by reflected light microscopy. The result of the sample analysis, including photo documentation, is stored together with the parameters of the batch in a tamper-proof manner and can therefore be retrieved years later without loss.

On request, we can provide our customers with test reports of the sample evaluation.

In addition to regular inspections, which are a prerequisite for the delivery of production batches, we carry out incident light microscopic examinations and measurements of surface roughness and substrate hardness on site.


We measure the adhesive strength using the Rockwell test in accordance with VDI guideline 3824, part 4: A diamond cone with a defined force is pressed into the coating surface and the coating is deformed as a result. In the area surrounding the indentation, microscopic examination reveals crack lines up to large-area layer failure, which are categorized in adhesion classes 1 – 6.

We measure the coating thickness of a few micrometers in accordance with VDI Guideline 3824, Part 4 using metallographic spherical grinding (calotte grinding). A ball with a defined diameter coated with a diamond suspension grinds the coated surface, creating a quasi-cross-section of the coating, the dimensions of which are measured microscopically. The coating thickness is calculated computer-aided from the known parameters of ball diameter and magnification factor and stored with the batch parameters in a tamper-proof manner.

The quality of technical surfaces is decisive for their functional properties and has a decisive influence on the overall system. The roughness of the surface – i.e. the unevenness of the surface heights – is a decisive property and is quantified by a roughness measurement. We measure the surface roughness with a contact surface measuring system that performs a material-independent and precise roughness measurement, e.g. to check the results of tool polishing or as part of general quality control.

Reflected light microscopy is used in materialography to examine substrate surfaces using magnification in order to better recognize the smallest features. It offers the advantage of non-destructive testing. We can produce reflected light microscope images at various magnifications. For all production batches, a reflected light microscopic examination of the real samples is stored together with the process parameters.

Hardness testing is indispensable in modern quality assurance systems to determine the hardness of a component. Hardness is the mechanical resistance that a material offers to the penetration of another body. In automatic hardness measurement, a harder body (synthetic diamond) is used to compress the base material with a defined test force to determine the hardness.

Individual coating services: Let us advise you!

Do you already know what you need? Or do you need more information? We have been developing PVD coatings for our customers for over 30 years and are sure to have the right coating solution for your individual application. We also guarantee a fast delivery time! Put your trust in our experience!