Powder presses / sintered metals

When metal powders are pressed, highly abrasive forces occur both between the tool components and between the tool and the powder. These often limit the service life of the tools or the feasibility of component geometries. A GPA coating provides a remedy.

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Reduce wear and improve service life

The high hardness of the GPA coatings effectively protects the tools against wear. Tool steels wear out more quickly, especially when switching to high-strength powder alloys. Here, our shifts help to achieve service lives of over 100,000 units – and far beyond.

Reduce cold welding

The low coefficient of friction of the GPA coatings, combined with the suitable coating variant, significantly reduces the tendency to cold welding – especially between the tool components.

Dimensional accuracy and contours remain sharp

As the layers are only 2-3my thick and are applied electrically, they reproduce the contour exactly (without leveling). This means that sharp edges are retained. If a circumferential 2my layer thickness affects the gap dimensions too much in your case, please let us know. This allows us to make our coating process even thinner

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Example of a non-stick layer on the outer running surface and a wear protection layer on the end face – 3D-printed by GKN ADDITIVE.
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Powder presses

Improve quality

Less adhesion and wear in the tool lead to an optimization of the removed parts. In addition, with a Duo-Coat coating – such as our B-Protect – a visual indicator can show when 80% of the coating is worn. This means that recoating can be carried out before the tool steel is affected and the tool has to be reworked. This sometimes saves considerable costs.

Reduce lubricant

Thanks to the low coefficient of friction of the GPA-PVD coating, the use of production aids can be reduced in many cases without affecting the quality of the finished part or tool wear. This means that less burnout is required in the sintering process. This in turn benefits the environment.

Reduce unit costs

The longer tool life as well as the possibility of higher stroke rates thanks to lower friction leads to an increased output quantity per tool, so that unit costs are reduced.

Coatings adhere maximally to the tool

Thanks to our proprietary arc evaporation technology, we achieve the best possible bond between the layers and the tool body. Most PVD coating processes (such as the sputtering process) are clearly inferior in this respect.

Individual coating services: Let us advise you!

Do you already know what you need? Or do you need more information? We have been developing PVD coatings for our customers for over 30 years and are sure to have the right coating solution for your individual application. We also guarantee a fast delivery time! Put your trust in our experience!